Step 1: Free Site Assessment

As a first step, our trained professional performs a visit of the site and determines the available solar irradiation, the near and the horizon shading. Alpine Solar then provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the installation of solar power on your site: energy production estimates based on professional software simulations, system capacity (kW), total system cost, payback period, etc. All this information is provided in a detailed report, along with the conclusions of our PV Sytem software simulations.

We perform this initial time and resource intensive assessment at no cost since we want to give you complete freedom of choice at this point. Solar power is not a sensitive option for all sites and you should determine if it fits your personal situation. Simply contact us and our solar technician will gladly visit your property to discuss the different available options.

Step 2: Application to MicroFIT program

Registration to the FIT and MicroFIT programs can be a tedious process, mainly because of the technical information that must be provided early on. The Alpine Solar team can assist you in this process.

Once your registration is completed and a My MicroFIT home page is set-up, you can submit all documents requested by the IESO. Once again, our team is available to help you in this process. Just like you, we understand the great benefits that are put forward by the Feed-In-Tariff program and want to make sure that you receive all the financial help that is made available.

Step 3: Installation and Commissioning

Our certified technicians install and commission the solar PV array. During this final step, Alpine Solar is responsible of obtaining the authorization of all the involved parties.

  • Send a connection request to your local distribution company (LDC)
  • Contact the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), who must perform a final inspection
  • Coordinate with the local distribution company to finalize the connection process, as required by your MicroFIT contract.

If you are interested in a consultation

At each step, we keep you informed of the project evolution and, of course, make sure that all deadlines are met.

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