Customer Satisfaction
During the whole process, our team is always available to answer your questions and ensure the interconnection process is done without glitches. The sooner your system is connected, the faster you are paid for the energy you generate!

For more information, the 2015 FIT and MicroFIT documentation can be found here.

The Micro FIT program offered by the government of Ontario provides incentives for PV solar projects smaller than 10kW.

To qualify for the MicroFIT program, projects must use one of the following technologies:

  • Biomass
  • Biogas/Landfill gas
  • PV (Photovoltaic) solar
  • Waterpower
  • Wind

Target Capacity
The annual procurement target for MicroFIT 2015 is 50MW.

All MicroFIT projects require that an additional generation meter be installed. This meter is dedicated only to measure the electricity produced by the solar system.

When applying to this program, every customer can manage his/her application through the MicroFIT Home Page.  This platform allows you to submit documents and receive updates from the IESO on your application’s status. If you would like support in this process, our team can manage the complete application and take care of all paper works at no cost.

The IESO (Independent Energy System Operator of Ontario) will pay the customer a guaranteed price of 38.4 cents per kWh for roof mounted solar systems.

Before submitting an application to the IESO, it is a good idea to assess the solar potential of your property. We assist you in this process by providing you with a site assessment and a solar potential evaluation, along with an equipment layout and a financial analysis of the system cost and annual income.

Once your application is accepted by the IESO, we prepare the structural plans, make sure all the permits are obtained in time. When the installation is completed, our solar specialists commission the system to confirm that the electricity production matches the site evaluation.

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