Several Local Distribution Company (LDC) such as Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa offer net-metering program for the Ontario residents interested in installing a renewable energy system on their property. This program is offered to residential, commercial or agricultural customers.

When you apply to the Net-Metering program, you will:

  • Reduce your electricity bill, thanks to the electricity produce by your renewable energy system
  • Decrease your ecological footprint and CO2 emission by generating clean electricity for your own use.
  • Remain connected to the Hydro Quebec grid and draw power as needed when the sun does not shine.

Offset your electricity bill by producing your own energy
The Net-metering program allows customers to cover a fraction or the totality of their electricity needs with a renewable energy technology (RET) system. The excess electricity produced by the system can be injected on the grid in exchange of credits under the form of kilowatt-hours (kWh). If the system’s electricity generation is not sufficient to cover the customer’s needs, the grid will always provide the energy balance.

Note that your LDC will not purchase electricity in case of excessive production from your solar system. The excess electricity will only be rewarded under the form of kWh credits, contributing to reduce your monthly electricity bill. Accumulated electricity credits can be accumulated, but a positive balance will be returned to zero after a certain period.

Solar equipment costs are falling
With the dropping prices of solar equipment over the past 10 years, this net-metering option is now more interesting than ever. Our consultants will closely look at you electricity bills and let you know how much you could save each month.

For more information about Hydro One’s net-metering program, click here.

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