Financial Incentives

  • How long will it take before I receive an income from my system?

    With Ontario’s FIT and MicroFIT programs, you will be paid for the energy you generate the first month after the system is generating electricity. 

  • How is my monthly income calculated?

    The FIT and MicroFIT program offer fixed rates for all the electricity generated by a renewable energy system. The government of Ontario guarantees these rates for a period of 20 years. This is totally independent from the energy that you draw from the grid, which will be billed separately at standard rates

  • What is the total cost of PV system installation, grid interconnection cost and permitting?

    The cost of a PV equipment – inverters, solar panels and racking – have greatly decreased in the last 5 years. The initial capital costs depend on building layout and site characteristics. The total cost for a residential Micro FIT solar project under 10kW can vary between 15,000$ and 35,000$

    The high rates provided under the FIT and Micro FIT contracts allow to reach high return-on-investment (ROI).

  • Under the FIT program, how much will I get paid for the electricity generated by my solar system?

    For rooftop PV systems, the FIT 4 and MicroFIT programs offer the following rates, guaranteed for the next 20 years:

    38.4 cents/kWh for projects smaller than 10kW

    34.3 cents/kWh for projects between 10 and 100 kW

    31.6 cents/kWh for projects between 100 and 500kW

    Consult this table for more information.

Solar Incentive Programs Questions

  • Is it possible to use some of the electricity generated by my solar system to power my own house?

    If your project is installed under a FIT contract, the power generated by the solar system must be connected through a separate meter. You will continue paying for your consumption at regular electricity rates.

    The solar system is designed to work along with your utility. The utility always require that the PV solar system disconnects itself in case of power outage. This protects the utility linemen and ensures that no voltage is present on the grid without their knowledge.

  • How does the net-metering program work?

    Ontario and Quebec offer net-metering programs for the interconnection of renewable energy systems. A customer who subscribes to this program does not get directly paid for the electricity generated by the solar system. The generated electricity will only be rewarded under the form of kWh credits, contributing to reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Installation Questions

  • Will my solar system damage my roof?

    When solar panels are installed, they will protect your roof from the sun and extend its life.

    It is preferable to install solar panels on a roof that has at least 10 years of remaining life, since you want to avoid the cost of removing the panels and re-install them (Re-Re).

  • Is it preferable to install PV modules on my roof of on the ground?

    The price offered by the FIT program are higher for rooftop systems. Therefore, if space allows, it is generally preferable to install a solar system on your roof.

  • Can I install solar modules both on my roof and on the ground?

    Yes. However, both systems will not be part of the same FIT contract. 

  • What permits do I need for construction?

    The building permit requirement depends on your municipality. Verify with your municipality if your project requires a permit.

    Some building permits require that documents be approved by a structural/civil engineer. Alpine Solar Solution’s team can help you in this process.

  • What is the maximal system size that I can install on my roof?

    Two variables determine the PV system size: the available space and the capacity of the roof structure to support the additional loads. If you plan to apply for the microFIT program, the solar array maximal size is 10kW DC.

  • Will I need to perform maintenance on my solar electric system?

    Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems need very little maintenance. Our team offers a cyclical inspection and maintenance service.

    Dust and pollen might accumulate on your panels over time. But in our climate, periodic rainfall will wash out most of these particles and you will not need to clean your panels yourself.

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